New FAQs posted! April 26, 2010
Please see a revised set of Frequently Asked Questions posted on the FAQ's page.

New ISBN and ordering information for Sim4Projects™ June 10, 2009
SimProfessionals, LLC, has been granted an exclusive license for the distribution of the simulation. Contact information is as follows:
The new ISBN number is: 978-1-4507-6673-9

As in the past, access codes are valid for a maximum of one 12-round simulation play. Used codes do not work and students are urged to avoid purchasing used codes. Please be aware that only codes with the new ISBN will be supported.

Sim4Projects™ Availability! June 1, 2009
Sim4Projects™ by Pinto and Parente will continue to be available for use in your project management courses, however it will now be provided directly by SimProfessionals, LLC. - Rather than by McGraw-Hill.

To order, please have the bookstore contact “Sales at SimProfessionals” at www.simprofessionals.com or via email at sales@simprofessionals.com.